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 Counter Strike 1.6 + Map pack

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I have a Custom Title and you Don't!!!! Administrator

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Counter Strike 1.6 + Map pack Empty
PostSubject: Counter Strike 1.6 + Map pack   Counter Strike 1.6 + Map pack Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 4:01 am

Counter Strike 1.6 + Map pack 33370943

Counter-Strike, the world’s number one online action game series, is a first-person shooter developed by Valve Software, the creators of the renowned Half-Life series. This team-oriented online shooter pits terrorists and counter-terrorists against one another in round-based combat set all over the world. Using the power of the “Source” engine, the original Counter-Strike has been completely remade as Counter-Strike: Source—offering upgraded graphics, levels, and the implementation of a new physics engine. Counter-Strike will never be the same!

First released to the public on June 18th, 1999, Counter-Strike began as a simple fan-produced mod for Half-Life. Thanks to a series of steadily-improving beta releases, the mod started to foster a progressively-enlarging and dedicated following. As the fast-paced, tactical game play was refined and improved, and as new concepts and maps were introduced, Counter-Strike moved from being a mere Half-Life mod to an entirely new game.

Download At:

Map Pack #1
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Counter Strike 1.6 + Map pack
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